2011 deadbear subscription

after much contemplation I have decided to create a deadbear subscription for 2011. this will allow those who really enjoy my toys to receive one of every unique sculpt that i produce in the next year.

in addition to the figures, sketches, stickers, prints and other surprises will be inserted randomly with packages.

there are several production figures of mine that may drop in 2011 and you will receive also receive any that see the light of day next year. you will also receive random side projects like glyos heads that will be produced throughout the year

If you are international please email me and we can work something out on the postage

the pricing works as follows

12 months- $800: 24 figures    (12L, 6M, 6S)


The available figures for 2011 will be

(XL)-the maw
(XL)-the outsider
(L)-the treature
(L)-the lout
(L)-the steaklops
(L)-organ beast
(L)-the maw
(M)-formaldehyde face-suit
(M)-formaldehyde face-cop
(S)-the treature
(S)-the lout

there is the possibility of shorter subscription periods becoming available during the year, but i do not feel comfortable releasing them yet as many of the figures for next year are still in the prototype phase. if this is something that interests you let me know and we can work out something


One response

  1. Yo, you kept popping up in searches for me… my name is MC DEATH BEAR and I’m a street artist in upstate NY. Really dig your stuff.

    I’ve been wanting to make toys for while, we should talk


    January 20, 2011 at 3:28 am

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