Happy birthday to me

So, April 24 marked the first anniversary of deadbearstudios. It’s hard to believe I’ve been making this crap for a year. And I couldn’t have done it without you lovely enablers. So as a thank you I’m having a month long celebration. For the first time ever I will be releasing blank figures. Whether you’ve been itching to paint one of them or just really love blank toys, this month should make your bottom happy. Releases will be staggered throughout the month, roughly every 3 days. New sculpts will be released, old ones revisited, lots of awesome will occur.

Also, domestic shipping will be free. That way if you make multiple purchases you don’t get screwed on postage.

First up is a gid formaldehyde face, going live at midnight tonight and available for 72 hours or until they sell out. Whatever doesn’t sell will be hurdled at pedestrians as I drive around town. So, have fun, get give and buy resin. Here’s to another year of this crap

where your money belongs




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