The mooncrow lives

This is a little personal project I’ve had on the backburner for a while. I have a dayjob that has nothing to do with art. It’s just the nature of the beast. In an effort to dress up my cube I asked my kids to draw some monsters for me, and they gladly obliged.

During a break one day I decided to redraw a few of them. There was one monster that my oldest included on a couple of drawings and after redrawing it I asked if she’d mind me making him into a figure. Of course she said I could. What kid wouldn’t want a monster they designed made into a toy?

With everything else going on I hadn’t had the time to work on it, but her birthday was quickly approaching. So I decided to surprise her by having it ready on her birthday. She had no idea I was working on it, but I kept getting bits of info out of her about it. He was called a mooncrow. Originally he was a bluecrow but I guess mooncrow was cooler. She wanted a silver one.

As with most things I do it came down to the wire, but the mooncrow was officially born on her birthday. She was quite excited and after some negotiations she agreed to let me offer him to the public, for a small fee.

Tonight at 8pm central the mooncrow will land in the shop. There will only be 10 available: 5 one offs and 5 gid white pearl. The designer gets a cut from each one sold, making her the youngest professional toy designer I know. There will be some other random bits in the shop as well. So pop over tonight and check them out.





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