Sadly I will not be attending designercon this year. Thankfully my long lost brother Spankystokes offered to sell some of my figures at his booth. There will be 25 minis, a few customs and two one off ozos.

If you plan on attending designercon be sure you stop by booth 324. Along with my wares will be a ton of other cool toys. Get out and support some quality artists.






New erectus

Now that the first batch has finally shipped I have some new erectus in the shop. There’s a batch of ten that can be customized as you would like and there are 5 vampire erectus available. If the vampires are ordered by the 27th you’ll have them before Halloween.

New things on the horizon in November. Thanks again for the support

the deadbear shop





Smell my feet

The trick or teeth series is live. They’ll be available all month but please order before the 20th to guarantee delivery by halloween.

give me something good to eat


Time for hamburgers

I’ve got two new shirts up in my mysoti shop. These are the first of many burger designs I have planned. They’ll also be available as prints eventually.

time for hamburgers



Erectus is leaving the nest

Just a little update to the preorder crowd, as of tomorrow all the erectus preorders will be en route to their homes. It took longer than I had planned but they will be in your hands shortly.

I’ll have pics of the all up over the weekend but in the meantime I have a teaser shot of one below.

Another run of preorders will go up next week for those that missed the first round. Thanks again


Trick or teeth

To celebrate the wonderful holiday that is Halloween I’ve got a special release planned for October. Trick or teeth will be a run of mini figures available only during the month of October. There will be five different figures, each made of solid resin and standing 2 inches tall.

Available in this series will be a mummy meathead, Frankenstein booger, GID ghost goober, zombie hunch (not pictured), and vampire treature (not pictured, there should be some element of mystery right?)

Each will come bagged with a header, and that’s where the fun starts. Each header will have a scratch off portion on the back. Once scratched off it will reveal either the word “trick” or the word “teeth”. Teeth headers can be redeemed for an exclusive mystery figure. You just mail in your winning header and you get a figure. As a consolation to those that receive tricks, 10 trick headers can be redeemed for the same exclusive mystery figure. So start building your army of teeth.

The series will go up Friday, September 30 and will be available throughout the month of October. So head over tothe shop on Friday and grab a bag of teeth.




The treature has evolved

After what seems like forever, the new treature has arrived. I’ve dubbed him treature erectus. He stands 7 inches tall with two points of articulation and you can have one all your own. I’ve got a limited number in the shop. This run is made to order but there will be one offs available later.

This figure marks a new era of the deadbear. I already have 3 more large scale figures planned.

Pop over to the shop and grab one.

adopt a treature